Interested in reading more on risk management?

Risk is a hot topic and many people are writing about it in books, journals, magazines, newspapers, blogs and tweets. With so much to read it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some suggestions:

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Risk terminology can be confusing! We are pleased to offer the Risk Doctor Glossary as part of our aim to communicate clearly about risk
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Looking for professional risk associations?

As a maturing discipline, risk management is supported by a wide range of professional bodies. We’re happy to provide contact details for the main professional associations, covering a range of different types of risk management. Please let us know if any organisations are missing or any of these contact details have changed.

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Considering a risk-related qualification?

Risk management is becoming recognised as a profession, and a number of professional bodies offer risk-related qualifications and certifications. Some of these relate to specific types of risk management while others are more general. We maintain a list of the main risk qualifications. Please let us know if any are missing or any of these details have changed.
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