The Risk Doctor meets The Sunday Lunch Project (70 mins, August 2019)

In conversation with Nigel Creaser of The Sunday Lunch Project, David Hillson talks freely about his early career, influences, highlights and lowlights, and hopes for the future. This wide-ranging discussion takes David to places that he doesn’t usually talk about!


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Stakeholder analysis reduces project risk (26 minutes, October 2016)

Stakeholders can pose a real risk to our projects, including both threats and opportunities. We need robust ways of identifying risky stakeholders and influencing them effectively. David Hillson explains to Cornelius Fichtner of PM Podcast how to use risk-based stakeholder analysis, combined with emotional intelligence, to optimise project outcomes.


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Six questions for every project manager (16 minutes, May 2016)

David Hillson discusses risk management and how to handle uncertainties in work and projects with Maria Nordborg of Project Lab, recorded during the PMI Global Congress 2016 in Barcelona in May 2016.


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Weight loss for risky projects: Risk obesity explained (17 minutes, October 2015)

In conversation with Cornelius Fichtner of PM Podcast (Episode 346), David Hillson explains the common risk ailment called “risk obesity” – what it is and why it matters. Risk obesity results when projects or organisations take on too much risk as a result of uncontrolled risk appetite, and it can be fatal. Discover the symptoms and explore treatment options!

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How to manage the risks you didn’t know you were taking (21 minutes, October 2014)

Most people think of risks as uncertain future events that would have a negative effect on achievement of time and cost objectives. But risk includes much more. In this interview with Cornelius Fichtner of PM Podcast, David Hillson explores the other types of risk that are usually missed from the typical risk process, starting from the proto-definition of risk as “uncertainty that matters”, with illustrative examples of each risk type, and practical response strategies for managing them.


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Opportunities - The not-so-ugly stepchild of managing risk (27 minutes, May 2014)

David Hillson recorded a series of conversations about the latest thinking in risk management with Cornelius Fichtner of PM Podcast. Episode 272 discussed how and why to include opportunities in the risk management process, including tips and hints on how to make it work in practice.

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How risky is your project? Overall project risk - explained (24 minutes, May 2014)

In this recorded conversation with Cornelius Fichtner of PM Podcast (Episode 273), David Hillson explains the new concept of “overall project risk” – what it is and why it matters. Overall project risk describes the risk exposure of the project as a whole, and project managers need to understand it if they are to tell their project sponsor and clients how risky the project is – and what they’re doing about it.

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Why don’t we implement risk responses and learn risk-related lessons? (26 minutes, May 2014)

The last debate between David Hillson and Cornelius Fichtner of PM Podcast (Episode 274) covered David’s view that the typical risk process as implemented by most organisations is missing two vital steps. Firstly, there is usually nothing between “Plan Risk Responses” and “Monitor & Control Risks” – where do we actually do anything about the risks? Then the cyclic risk process apparently goes on for ever and has no end – when do we stop to consider lessons about risk to benefit future projects? David discusses how including these steps would ensure that we actually manage risk proactively on our projects, and don’t make the same mistakes on future projects.

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Sustainable Risk Management (33 minutes, July 2011)

David Hillson is interviewed by Dr Penny Pullan on how to maintain energy levels throughout the risk process. This formed part of the virtual online "Making Risk Work Summit". David and Penny discuss energy-sapping factors that stop people doing risk management properly, as well as the energy-enhancers that keep people going.

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Managing Project Risks (45 minutes, April 2011).

Hear David Hillson in conversation with Andy Kaufman, discussing the latest thinking on managing risk in projects. Recorded in early 2011 as part of the People and Projects podcast series, this 45-minute podcast covers important topics like treating risk as opportunity, influencing risk attitudes, and the precautionary principle. Discover what David’s wife thinks about how he manages risk at home! You can hear David and Andy’s conversation in two parts: Part 1 lasts 30 minutes, and Part 2 has the final 15 minutes.
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Competences of the Risk Manager (4 minutes, November 2009).

Interviewed at a conference hosted by the PMI Rome Chapter in November 2009, David Hillson talks briefly about what makes a successful risk manager. He also suggests that risk specialists can help their organisations most by focusing on effective application of risk processes, as well as fostering a risk-aware corporate culture.

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