NEW: The Risk Management Handbook

Risk Management Handbook CoverRisk management is a dynamic field, with new approaches being developed to meet new challenges. This unique new book is edited by David Hillson with contributions from leading thinkers and practitioners in risk specialisms. It provides a clear snapshot of the current state of play in risk management, as well as taking a look ahead to the key emerging issues in the field. It offers an invaluable guide for anyone who needs to understand risk, including business leaders, risk professionals at all levels, and students of business and risk management.

The Risk Management Handbook: A Practical Guide to Managing the Multiple Dimensions of Risk (ISBN 978-0749478827) was published by Kogan Page in June 2016.
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The Risk Doctor’s Cures for Common Risk Ailments

The Risk Doctors Cures for Common Risk AilmentsWhen it comes to managing risk, people seem to struggle with the same difficulties all the time, even though there are well-proven ways to overcome them. “The Risk Doctor’s Cures for Common Risk Ailments” (Management Concepts, 2014) offers tried-and-tested cures for the top ten risk management problems at both organisational and project levels.

Using a medical metaphor, David Hillson describes each “risk ailment” with diagnostic symptoms and prognosis, supported by real-world cases, then prescribes treatment options to recover from the ailment and prevent its recurrence. These common risk ailments include risk blindness, risk amnesia, risk muteness, risk obesity and risk depression. The book supports self-diagnosis and effective treatment, and closes by describing how to stay risk-healthy once we’ve dealt with our risk ailments.

Follow the recommended treatment plans and begin a fast recovery from risk ailments that have troubled your projects and your business – and look forward to a future filled with the rewards of a healthy approach to risk management!

“Through the lens of ten common risk ailments … you will recognize several familiar challenges you face every day. And you will discover that there are practical cures to help you overcome them.” Mark Langley President/CEO, Project Management Institute.


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Practical Project Risk Management: The ATOM Methodology [AWARD WINNER]

Written by practitioners for practitioners with little or no prior experience, the award-winning book “Practical Project Risk Management: The ATOM Methodology by David Hillson and Peter Simon offers a realistic and proven scaleable approach to project risk management that really works. This unique book is packed with tips and hints to demystify the risk process, and provides generic templates and guidelines to support real-world application.

The second edition of this popular book was published in August 2012 by Management Concepts (ISBN 978-1-56726-366-4). The book received the PMI David Cleland PM Literature Award in October 2013, as the best project  management book published in the previous year. The ATOM book gives full “How to” guidelines for implementing ATOM on your project. If you want to know how to do it, this book tells you how!


2013 Award WinnerFor more details about the ATOM methodology, visit

Read this review by Rafael Diaz in English or Spanish

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Managing Risk in Projects

Managing Risk in Projects (ISBN 978-0-566-0886704) was published by Gower in August 2009 as part of the Fundamentals of Project Management series. This concise book describes current best practice in project risk management and introduces the latest developments, to enable project managers, project sponsors and others responsible for managing risk in projects to do so effectively. It is intended for those who know that risk management is important to project success but aren't quite sure why, or who feel they could do it better if only they knew how, as well as all who are committed to managing risk in projects. In these uncertain times, what more could we want?

Simone Wray, Chairman IRM: "For newcomers to the project or risk profession, it provides a practical overview of risk management practice within the specific context of projects, and how this relates to enterprise risk management. [For] more experienced project managers and risk managers... Managing Risk in Projects provides a fast track. Essential reading for either audience, the book takes current thinking in risk management and creates the necessary links to show the possibility of a joined-up approach."

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Exploiting Future Uncertainty

One thing is sure: nothing is certain except uncertainty.

        Prediction is always hard, especially about the future.

                And the biggest risk is not taking any risk at all.

All businesses face significant levels of uncertainty these days. To succeed you need to exploit future uncertainty, turning it to your advantage by managing risk effectively. This book shows you how.

Exploiting Future Uncertainty (ISBN 978-1-4094-2341-6) was published by Gower in November 2010 . This unique resource contains more than sixty focused briefings, each addressing a key part of the risk challenge. Under five themes, David Hillson covers the links between better business and risk-taking, basic risk concepts, making risk management work in practice, people aspects, and managing risk in the wider world. Each section is packed with clear practical advice from The Risk Doctor, with specific how-to tips and guidance.


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Effective Opportunity Management for Projects

Effective Opportunity Management for Projects : Exploiting Positive Risk” (ISBN 0-8247-4808-5) remains the leading resource for people wanting to capture upside risk. This major work makes the case for inclusion of opportunity management within the traditional risk process, and provides detailed descriptions of simple proven tools & techniques to make it work in practice. Topics include a review of the risk definition debate, full details on how to address opportunities through the risk process, and discussion of implementation issues including risk culture and organisational maturity.

The book was originally published by Dekker of New York but is now available from Routledge at a list price of USD $140 or GBP £80 (plus shipping), and is available for less through your local Amazon website. In case of difficulty, please contact us. If you only buy one risk management book, this is the one!
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A Short Guide to Risk Appetite

Risk appetite is a hot topic, driven both by corporate governance requirements and senior managers' need to make risk-based decisions. But despite the high level of interest, there is no consensus on what risk appetite is, how it should be expressed or measured, or how it can be practically used in business or projects.


In the latest book to emerge from their successful partnership, "A Short Guide to Risk Appetite" (published in October 2012), David Hillson & Ruth Murray-Webster cut through the confusion to produce clear definitions and simple guidelines, helping us to answer the important question: "How much risk should we take?"

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Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude

The second edition of this unique and significant book by David Hillson and Ruth Murray-Webster was published by Gower Publishing in 2007 (ISBN 978-0-566-08798-1). Full details are on the Routledge website.

This book brings together leading-edge thinking on risk attitudes and emotional literacy to create a unique resource for those wishing to move beyond mere implementation of a risk process and towards a people-centred approach for risk management. However, no prior knowledge of emotional literacy is required by the reader, neither is knowledge of risk attitudes or psychology. The second edition is updated to strengthen the understanding of individual risk attitudes and reinforce what individuals can do to manage those attitudes that are leading them away from their objectives.

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"Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude" draws on the acknowledged expertise of the authors in their respective fields of risk management and organisational change management to offer unique insights and strategies into the impact of the human dimension on risk management effectiveness, while remaining resolutely practical in its application.

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Managing Group Risk Attitude

This second book by Ruth Murray-Webster and David Hillson builds on Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude, and was published by Gower in May 2008 (ISBN 978-0-566-08787-5). Based on the authors’ own experience and research, Managing Group Risk Attitude considers how groups of people make decisions that they perceive as risky and important. A unique framework is developed and applied, providing a practical model using applied emotional literacy to manage risk attitude. Full details are on the Routledge website.

“Anyone seeking information on how to make their risk management practices more effective, or how to encourage ‘good’ decision-making within groups, will find this book a goldmine.” From the Foreword by Dr Lynda Bourne DPM

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Managing Risk: Best-Practice and Next-Practice (English & Chinese)

This is the first Risk Doctor book to be published exclusively as an e-book, available from Amazon in Kindle format, and also from other e-book vendors such as zinio, Hami, myBook etc. Published in August 2013 by Advanced Business Consulting (who also publish the Chinese e-magazine Project Manager), this e-book provides twelve of the most significant and important Risk Doctor Briefings in both English and Chinese.

Each chapter addresses a key topic in managing risk, including principles, process and people aspects. Discover the latest thinking in risk management and take your understanding and practice to the next level!

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The Risk Management Universe - A guided tour

What do we mean by "risk management"? Risk management is not a single subject, but a family of related topics. Application of risk management has reached ever further across the boundaries of business. Edited by David Hillson and with contributions from recognised leaders in various risk management fields, this book answers the question "What is risk management?" from a range of perspectives, including corporate governance, strategic risk, financial risk, project risk management, environmental risk, fraud and counter-terrorism.

The updated second edition of "The Risk Management Universe - A Guided Tour" (ISBN 978-0-580-50346-7) was published by BSI in 2007, and brings together leading experts from the different risk management disciplines to describe current best practice and point to future developments. It offers a unique 'guided tour' of the main dimensions of the risk management universe and will help business leaders who want to know how to address the risks they may face. It is also a good reference point for risk professionals seeking a greater understanding, and teachers and students of business and management. The book concludes with a final integrative discussion that attempts to draw the threads together and identify the underlying unifying themes.

No other book brings together such a wide review of current risk management - don't miss it! For full details visit the BSI website or click here.

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The Failure Files: Perspectives on Failure

"The Failure Files: Perspectives on Failure" (ISBN 978-1-908009-30-2) was published by Triarchy Press at the end of March 2011. Edited by David Hillson, this unique book addresses failure in a wide range of different aspects of society, including personal, education, business, entrepreneurship, projects, government, societal etc. The book proposes a range of transformational responses for individuals, businesses and society, encouraging us to embrace failure and not to fear it. Discover from the experts how to fail well - The Risk Doctor leads the way!


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Risky Rhymes - Uncertain Wit & Wisdom

"Risky Rhymes - Uncertain Wit & Wisdom" (ISBN 0-9551338-0-7), is a unique risk poetry anthology written by members of the global Risk Doctor Network, and published by Risk Doctor Publishing in 2005.

Each poem reveals something about the nature of risk and its management. There are forty original poems on the topic of risk, including limericks, haiku, acrostics, epics, a sonnet and even a ghazal. . Discover more about risk as you enjoy the creative talents of risk practitioners.

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Risk Doctor Publishing, Risk Doctor Surgery, Lower Heyshott, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4PZ, UK

Risk Doctor & Partners believes that managing risk is serious fun - this book shows how! 

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